When submitting a ticket make sure the following are filled..

Step1: Location and Area Technician need to know what school and what room the issue is in.
Step2: Select Problem Type We need to know what kind of problem your having (such as Laptops, Phones, Network

Connectivity, etc.) so we can assign it to the appropriate technician.

Step3: Please Describe Your Problem Please provide PC name (see Link if you don't know how), explain the problem and provide employee name and contact information so they can be reached.
Step4: Purpose Let us know what kind of issue it is. If you’re having problems in career tech select Career Tech. Issue in the cafeteria select Child Nutrition. For other technology problems select General Technology Repair.

Step7: Please Provide Information for Follow-Up Questions and Notifications Select your name as a requester so if a technician cannot get in contact with the teacher they can talk to the next best thing. YOU!!
Step8: Action Taken Let us know everything you attempted to fix the problem so the technician can be prepared when they come.
Step9: Attachment If you like you can send a picture of the problem so the technician can see that there is in fact an issue. (This is optional)

After you check and ensure that everything is filled out currently and click Submit. Your ticket will be assigned to the appropriate technician and they will contact you as soon as possible.

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