You must have a Google Account to use Google Forms.  Google Forms does not allow you to bold, underline, italicize or create text only boxes. 

1. Navigate your browser to


2. Click "Go to Google Forms".

3. Sign-in - Enter Email Address (e????? and Click Next.  Enter Password (used to sign-in to pc and email) and Click Sign-in.

4. Click the Red Circle (bottom right page) to create a "New Form" and click "Get Started".

5.  Edit "Form Settings" to only show progress bar at the bottom of form pages.

6.  Click "Untitled Form" to edit/change the form title and description.  Then click “Add question”.


Add question and select "Choose from a List"

7. Edit the question title, select the question type and list the possible responses.  Question Types are:  Text, Paragraph Text, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Choose From a List, etc.



8.  After completing the question and responses, check the box if answer is required and click "Done".


9.  Continue to add questions and responses by selecting "Add Item".

10.  To edit, duplicate or delete a question, place the cursor over the question and three (3) icons (edit, duplicate and delete) will appear.  Click on the icon for the action you would like to perform.

11.  To view your form to see how it looks to the public, click on "View Live Form" (top of page).

12.  To return to form, click "Edit This Form" (top page, right side)

13.  To go back to list of forms, click on "Home / Menu Icon" (top page, left corner)


14. After people have filled out your form, you can view response data by clicking on “Responses” (top of page) and in the drop down menu click "Summary of Responses".


15. For results in a spreadsheet, click on "View All Responses" (top page, left side).

16. All of your form responses are stored in a Google Spreadsheet, which can be easily exported to Excel.

17. Additionally, you can copy an existing form by clicking on the form to open.  Click "File" (top page, left side) and in the drop down menu click "Make A Copy".  In the box, type the "New Document / Form Name".  Then click OK.





18. To create a new form, click the Red Circle (bottom right page).


19. To sign-out, click on "Circle Icon" (top page, right corner)