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6941 Quick Start Guide

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9971 Quick Start Guide

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Download 7821 User Guide

Download 9971 User Guide

Voicemail Instructions:

Your first step is to enroll as a user, which you do by phone. Typically, you hear the first-time enrollment conversation when you call the system for the first time.

The first-time enrollment conversation is a set of prerecorded prompts that guide you as you do the following tasks:


•  Record your name.

•  Record a greeting that outside callers hear when you do not answer your phone.

•  Change your PIN.

•  Choose whether to be listed in the directory. (When you are listed in the

                        directory, callers who do not know your extension can reach you by spelling or

                        saying your name.)


Typically, your Connection administrator gives you an ID (5 digit extension assigned to phone) and a temporary PIN (12345).


At any time after enrollment, you can rerecord your name and greeting, or change your PIN and directory listing status.


Mobility for forwarding calls to smartphones/PDAs can be done as follows:


•  To forward calls to a cellphone, press the “Forward All” softkey and

                        enter 9 plus 7 digit mobile phone if its local or 91 plus 10 digit mobile number

                        if it’s not local. To remove call forward, press the soft-key “Forward Off”.


•  Bluetooth: The 9971 supports ANY bluetooth that is class 2 will work.


Here is a link from Plantronics with available bluetooth models but any bluetooth headset will work.