Author: Technical Support Agent - Justin Thomas 


Only try this attempt after trying Method 1, which is located on the Desktop Troubleshooting Page

You must be logged in using the BCSAdmin account on the student laptop. If the laptop does not have a BCSAdmin Account this method WILL NOT WORK

Step 1: Open Network and Internet Settings

  • On the taskbar, right click the Wi-Fi symbol. Or it might be a World Globe symbol. Then press "Open Network and Internet Settings".

Step 2: Select Change Adaptor Options

  • Underneath Advanced Network Settings in the window that just opened, press "Change Adaptor Options"

Step 3: Right Click Wi-Fi

  • Once the new window opens you should see an option that says "Wi-Fi". Right click on "Wi-Fi" and then press "Disable"

Step 5: Re-Enable

  • After the status of the Wi-Fi option says disabled, right-click again on the Wi-Fi option and press "Enable"

Step 2: Close out all Windows

  • Once the status of the Wi-Fi option says enabled, close all of the windows out and try to connect to the Wi-Fi from the taskbar.